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Spawn eSport engages ex-AdaptationGG

Spawn eSport

SCOOP Frags.be : It was evident that one of the best teams in the country could not stay without a structure for long. Today this is ancient history already, because Spawn e-Sport has signed Steven “Stev0se” Rombaut and his team players. Good operation for the organisation!


We have informed you couple of days ago that American organisation AdaptationGG has closed down after the escape of one of its leaders with the part of capital of the structure. Steven “Stev0se” Rombaut (captain), Nikola “Niko” Tomic, Jonathan “denzstou” VanAelst, Robin “simix” Bynens, Paul “PerX” von Erdmannsdorff and Tasos “Bondas” Fotopoulos have found themselves in a difficult situation.

After the top 3 in LouvardLAN10 and top 2 in the first round of qualification of Circus E-sport tour and being qualified for ESEA Intermediate as in Kayzr League, but without the structure and the financial means to accompany their project, 6 men had to find a solution quickly.


On the other hand, Spawn eSport, and mainly the brand Spawn, is in full development. Their projects are successful in different Esport areas (including the last official development – the launch of Aera tournament) and their objectives are very ambitious. Therefore, it is very important for such a structure to have national visibility, as well as European visibility. Even though some of the teams are already there (SC:GO, COD, LoL), they are competing and are in their full evolution, they have not yet arrived to this stage.

The visibility or the speed, with which they could arrive to this stage with the current teams, does not respond in full to the new ambitions of the structure. Therefore, they needed to find a new team “Show-case” that could be able to quickly export itself and have an international success.

Spawn eSport

All the conditions were put in place in order for these 2 entities to work under the same banner. Today it is official: the ex-AdaptationGG will play the rest of the season of 2018 under the colors of Spawn eSport. This is a huge leap for the Belgian structure at the market of the transfers of CS:GO, since now they possess one of the best current teams of the country.

We are proud to be able to announce the arrival of ex-Adaptation into the Spawn structure. It is our pleasure to help this team to come back, the team that is predominantly Belgian under the colors of the structure, which is 100% Belgian in order to defend our colors inside and outside of Belgium. It is time for us to make ourselves known outside of our borders!
Amaury Colaux, CEO Spawn


The arrival of ex-AdaptationGG does not mean however the departure of the current line-up. The captain of the team Nathan “KitchAAAA” Reniers and his men keep trust in their personnel. Their season will continue on its path as planned and following the same optimal conditions, which were in place until now. The extension of the contract will be planned for them in the upcoming season of 2019.

Spawn eSport

With that being said, some differences will quickly appear: the ex-AdaptationGG was mainly focused on performing at the international tournaments (ESEA, Cup ESL, Ians, …), while the current line-up continue their progression until they achieve their status in their turn. However, this does not stop these two line-ups from working together in the majority of events in Belgium and from fighting the competition beyond its borders under the tag of Spawn eSport and Spawn eSport EU.

Spawn eSport

This means great things for Spawn eSport in the future. We hope that this competition with this new arrival will bring the structure to the new heights.

We are very happy to be able to join a Belgian organization. We are very eager to get the results Spawn eSport deserve and we can’t wait to play our first game under the banner of Spawn. We are very pleased with the collaboration between the French and Flemish part of Belgium!
Steven “Stev0se” Rombaut, captain CS:GO of Spawn eSport EU

Spawn eSportSpawn eSport
Belgique Nathan “KitchAAAA” Reniers (capitaine)
Belgique Sebastien “Apa” Pottiez
Belgique Bryan “bS” Schutters
Belgique David “beginner” Suarez
Belgique Ahmad “HiipO” Kassem
Belgique Maxime “MAKUSHIME” Paligot (coach)
Spawn eSportSpawn eSport EU
Belgique Steven “Stev0se” Rombaut (capitaine)
Belgique Nikola “Niko” Tomic
Belgique Jonathan “denzstou” Van Aelst
Belgique Robin “simix” Bynens
Allemagne Paul “PerX” von Erdmannsdorff
Grèce Tasos “Bondas” Fotopoulos (coach)

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