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Auzom lance la PUBG Nations Cup

Auzom PUBG NationsCup

Auzom lance la PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Nations Cup. Jouée ces 2 et 3 décembre, elle regroupera 20 équipes représentant autant de nations mondiales. La Belgique fait bien entendu partie des participants.

MISE À JOUR : La Belgique termine finalement 7ème de la compétition.



Organisateur à succès de tournois sur PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Auzom lance un nouveau défi à sa communauté : une Nations Cup opposant pas moins de 20 pays ! Tout comme les WESG qui viennent de se terminer, ce ne sont pas des équipes habituelles mais bien des nations qui s’affronteront sans merci pour le titre.

Finalement joué sur 2 jours, le tournoi comptera 8 rounds, ces derniers attribuant des points selon le classement de la manche et du nombre de kills. Apparemment devenu la norme, il sera joué à la première personne, en squad, la zone rouge sera désactivée et le taux d’apparition des AR sera augmenté de 50%.


Auzom a tout d’abord annoncé les capitaines de chaque équipe au détour d’un tweet. C’est 🇧🇪 Mario “RaptorDaRaptor” Joos, joueur de la team Tiger Mafia, qui a été choisi par les organisateurs. Ce dernier ayant alors une semaine pour trouver 3 autres équipiers (et 4 remplaçants) et soumettre le roster à Auzom.

Auzom PUBG NationsCup

Ce fut chose faite et l’équipe a officiellement été présentée ce 27 novembre via le compte Twitter des organisateurs. On y retrouve 🇧🇪 Nicolas “THZ” Debytere (joueur Millenium), 🇧🇪 Tomas  “AerckieAercke et 🇧🇪 TEXQS. Si ces deux derniers sont peut-être moins médiatisés, nous pouvons tout de même nous vanter d’avoir un vainqueur de la Gamescom dans l’équipe en la personne de THZ.

Auzom PUBG NationsCup


À l’occasion de cette Nations Cup, je suis parti à la rencontre de 🇧🇪 Mario “RaptorDaRaptor” Joos, le capitaine de l’équipe belge. C’est l’occasion de découvrir comment s’est formé le roster ainsi que les ambitions de nos compatriotes.

Hello Mario. You have been chosen to be the captain of Belgium for this tournament. For those who don’t know who you are, could you introduce yourself? Why do you play PUBG? What’s your history in the professional e-sport?

RaptorDaRaptorHello and thanks for having me. My name is Mario “RaptorDaRaptor” Joos, team captain of team Belgium but also team captain of Tiger Mafia. For those who are unfamiliar with me, I’m one of the oldest PUBG players in this scene with over 2.000 hours of experience. I’ve played for a team called Method, performing at the highest level in every league in the scene. Placing first in the LegendsArena Pro League, being a finalist at the first Auzom League and being invited to play IEM Oakland.

The main reason I play PUBG is because I simply love the game. But I’d like also to secure myself a carreer in eSports. It’s been a dream ever since I was younger, a dream I never expected to come true but it did.

Other than PUBG I haven’t been able to play any games at a professional level so PUBG is really the first game that has given me this opportunity.

So you play for Tiger Mafia with Forsen, Mista and Krispyer. Tell me more about this team and what’s your ambitions with it?

As I suddenly got kicked from Method right before IEM, my whole turned upside-down and for a split second I was like: Wow.. what now. But that’s when I looked at the situation and realized that I now had the opportunity to start fresh, build a team to my norms. I hit up both Krispyer and Mista, who were in a top showdown team (highest league) at the time and asked them if they would be willing to leave their team for a spot in my new team. They knew we would have to start from the bottom but it didn’t take long for them to agree to my terms.

Tiger Mafia

This brought me to needing to find 1 extra person. Looking at the idea that I want more than good players, I wanted personalities who understood the business aspect of the game AND could potentially perform at the highest level. Forsen seemed like the perfect pick. I’ve met him at Gamescom for the first time and already showed my interested towards him before the Method roster got completed. He instantly agreed to join Tiger Mafia. My ambitions are simple, create one of the best teams in the world.

So, like i said, you have been selected by Auzom to be our captain for this PUBG Nations Cup. Was it a surprise? What does it means for you?

To be honest, I kinda expected this to happen but I still appreciate the opportunity to lead Belgium in this Nations Cup. With this team I will try my best to make Belgium proud.

After that, you had to chosed your mates. Was it difficult? Can you tell me a word about each of them?

When going through the selection of my teammates, I started with contacting the two only other Belgian professionals in the scene. Obviously I wanted to make sure they were the right fit so we did play some games together before guaranteeing their spot in the team. But let me get you hyped about our roster.

THZFrench Powerhouse

THZThe first person I’ve contacted was THZ, he instantly agreed to playing for Belgium and as we played our first game together I instantly felt a connection. This player deserves what he has going on, he is very humble, very nice and knows what the game is about. Because of him, we will have to communicate in English but if anyone is worth the language change, it’s definitely him! He will be our French Powerhouse!


TEXQSWithout saying much more, this beast qualified himself to play at IEM Oakland this year. Being invited is one thing but being able to qualify to one of the biggest PUBG events in the world is a whole other thing. TEXQS has been around as long as I’ve been around so experience is something he does not lack. If anything, he has so much experience that this pick was definitely an obvious pick for me. No matter what kind of tactics we’ll have, I know he’ll be able to execute them at a top level. He’ll send all exes back to TEXQS.

AerckieSupport Player

AerckieMaking the final pick was a though one and I didn’t just want to pick someone who is amazingly good at the game. I needed to pick someone who fits the team, personality wise and skill wise. So I decided to select someone who I knew to be a player that is very adaptive and respectful. He might not be the person with the most experience but he is the person who will glue the team together as one unit.

RaptorDaRaptorIn-game Leader

RaptorDaRaptorWithout many words, I’ll be in-game leading this team. We have agreed to a certain set of tactics and will try to make the best out of them.




What’s your ambitions for this Nations Cup? A pronostic for the winner?

As far as the results go, I will be satisfied with top 8, considering the amount of countries with only top players but I will try to lead our country to a top 5 placement, if we happen to place higher than this, I think we can give ourselves a big pad on the back. The team I expect to have the highest chance to win will be Team Finland.

Thank you so much ! I let you conclude this interview.

Any last words for the people of Belgium? If we win, French fries on me.

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